Once fully operational, our cultivation and processing facility will provide 50-75 jobs to local residents. We will train our employees with the skills to succeed in these green collar positions, drawing on our team's expertise in other medical marijuana states.

Chester Grows has signed a Labor Peace Agreement with United Commercial and Food Workers Union Local 1776 in order to provide safe working conditions and ensure fair wages.


As a commitment to the community, Chester Grows signed an agreement with the city of Chester to contribute a generous percentage of total revenue each year to Chester's general fund allowing the city to allocate the money where it is most urgently needed. We will also give an additional percentage of our annual revenue to help improve the surrounding infrastructure such as building exteriors, landscaping, lighting and security components, water, sewer, electrical, road, and pedestrian infrastructure, and environmental remediation.

Finally, we will make annual contributions to address substance abuse, food insecurity, and other important local issues.

Food Insecurity

To combat hunger and provide fresh produce to Chester year-round, we are partnering with Metropolis Farms and Episcopal Community Services to build and operate a community-based vertical farm. Using up to 15,000 SF of our facility, Metropolis Farms will be able to donate fresh food on a consistent basis to food pantries such as True Vine Full Gospel Baptist Church, Chester Eastside Ministries, and Anna's Place. This effort with Metropolis Farms will also provide 15-20 additional jobs to the community.

Substance Abuse

We will partner with community-based substance abuse programs endorsed by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and Delaware County’s Single County Authority to address local drug abuse problems. Our goal is to educate on the responsible use of medical marijuana, and prevent misuse or abuse. To achieve our goal we have identified potential partners such as the Empowerment Research Center of Chester, Crozer-Keystone Health System Recovery Center’s Substance Abuse Counseling Services and First Steps Treatment Center in Chester, and Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems in Media.

Chester Grows intends to collaborate with the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at the Institute of Emerging Health Professions at Thomas Jefferson University to conduct a study on medical marijuana and sickle cell anemia. The proposed study will evaluate the potential impact of medical marijuana as an analgesic, specifically: better pain control in patients with frequent painful crises, reduction in opioid use, reduction in unscheduled visits for care, especially to emergency departments, and overall improved quality of life.

Pennsylvania is one of the few states to recognize sickle cell anemia as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. In addition to the 50-60 patients whom will directly benefit from the study, many more will benefit from the results. To identify and enroll patients we have reached out to ChesPenn, a key community health service provider. Chester Grows is passionate about this research program and we will dedicate $120,000 to realize it.

Sickle Cell Anemia